Hello my name is Peter Lee aka Dj P-lee. I'm a Deejay/ Producer/ Re-mixer/Post Production Expert etc. I started dabbling around with music at the age of 10. My dad owned a turn table, 8 track and 2 speakers like most family homes back in the early 80's. I started experimenting and blending different genres together, but my favorite by far was creating remixes with slow jams on reggae beats. I started making slow jam cassettes for the girls from my neighborhood and the response I got was tremendous, and was proud that my mixes were so loved, that they freely gave me their numbers. My home back on the island of Jamaica where I was born and spent my childhood and adolescent years, had became the place for other deejays to come and chill, mix and scratch.  Many of the well known deejays today started out right in my home; deejays such as Jazzy T & Dr. Dre & Oxtail from Renaissance, Master Lee from Code Red, Timmy from H.M.V, just to name a few.  Other deejays whom I've worked with were Collin Hines, Delano from Renaissance Disco, Dj Don Ho, and the list goes on & on. One of my greatest memory is going to the record store to purchase vinyl, there's no better feeling if you were a deejay. It was like being a kid in a candy store! My house was filled like most deejays back in the day, with crates and crates of 12 inch, LP & 7inch records but by far the one thing I miss the most was going to the studio to cut "Dub Plates." Dub Plates were custom songs done by the artist of their hit songs with your deejay name throughout the track.
There were no mp3, serato, virtual Dj software. Back then, all we had were 2 turntables and a mixer. Back then you had to know how to mix and in most cases scratch to be recognized as a deejay. I practiced almost day and night, sometimes 7 days a week that my neighbor once called the cops for disturbing the peace.  I was the type of Deejay who liked to help other deejays, I would often times share my ideas with other deejays not worrying about the possibility of them taking my ideas and not giving me credit for it. Some of my ideas were used by the Grammy winner Supa Dups, Bobby Chin & Willy Chin from Black Chiney on a few remixes, and who just happens to be family.  Charly Black who has the hit track Party Animal gave me a jingle which says Chinese Assassin multi talented because of what we brought to the table. Remixing Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Slow Jams, Rock with the Dance Hall.   In 2000 I created Chinese Assassin Djs alongside my brother Johnny Ringo. My mixing style had captivated the world and very soon people fell in love with our style, they wanted more & more. Our slogan was and still is "The Difference Is In The Mix."
My secret ingredient, sauce is Reggae Dance Hall.  I incorporate that in 95% of the work that I do. You never know what trick or surprise blend I have up my sleeve. I keep my fans on the edge of their seat, whether it's the Granny Skits or Intro, Remixing 80's, 90's with current songs to our smooth blending style. Theres one thing for sure you will be entertained. I put an intense amount of energy into the work that I do which is why people all over the world love our mixtapes.
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