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Chinese Assassin DJs was established back in 2001 when we unleashed our unique style of mixing onto the world. Our love and passion is for Reggae Music and we wanted to showcase our skills by mixing and blending Reggae Music with other genres.

In order to do so we had to learn how to remix the Reggae with other forms of music. From there we created our unique style called "The Difference Is In The Mix". Settling was never our blueprint; we always were looking for ways to reinvent the wheel (turntables). We started making Mega mixes, Mashups.

Our unique style of mega mixes started to become very popular worldwide and DJ's all over the world started to copy the style. Our mixtapes became a global phenomenon. Every car, water taxi, flea market had our work on full blast. Fast forward to today Chinese Assassin Djs has been mentoring this next generation of DJs on how to be creative and stand out from the rest. This is not new as I have taught & worked some of the worlds most famous DJ's on the reggae scene today.


Our musiccareers take us back to a time way before that. It all started in a
place called Mona Heights in Kingston Jamaica. It was there some of the
popular deejays known today began their music careers. Names such as
Bobby Chin (Black Chiney),Dr. Dre (Renaissance Disco), Jazzy T
(Renaissance Disco), Oxtail (Formerly of Renaissance Disco) and Master
Lee (Code Red) to name a few. We started out experimenting blending the
Dance Hall (Reggae) with other genres of music known today as a




Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Johnny Ringo has been a Dancehall DJ since the 1980’s. Over the course of his career, he’s represented sound systems: Studio B. International, Road Star International, King Earthquake, Leo tech Hi Power, Katarock Sound and now Chinese Assassin.

Telling us about his earliest days with music, Ringo reminisced with us by sharing “from I was a youth growing up in Mona Heights, my brothers and some friends of mine decided to form a sound system by the name of Studio B. We were very young then and all we did was eat, drink, and sleep music. This was my introduction to the music world, both uptown parties and in the dance hall. Performing in both worlds was not the norm, so it was here I came to a crossroad where I had to choose if I wanted to remain uptown or go straight dancehall. My brother Bobby Chin and I decided we want to be Reggae / Dance hall selectors, and so we moved on to other sound systems.”

Further in his journey, Ringo met Mr. Trevor Levy who was the owner of Road Star Int’l, and after playing alongside them one night, was so impressed with the talent of the DJ that he asked if he would allow the young DJ to tour with them. The answer was yes, which began his career with the sound. “This was a good time for me as I was learning how to select and manage a true Dance hall sound. Playing for Road Star allowed me to compete with other sound systems, and we were very successful at this. I also gained most of my experience playing in the other parishes of Jamaica and mastering the art of being a sound clash selector. I loved playing for Road Star,Big ups to Quincy Jones and the rest of the crew.It was with this sound I got my first opportunity to play in another country. We went on tour in Canada to do a few shows in different cities.

Playing with Road Star led to King Earthquake a big sound out of Washington DC, which led to Leo Tech Hi Power. While Ringo built his experience, his youngest brother, Peter who was now living in Florida decided to launch his own sound. He started out doing a mixed CD’s, and after getting rave reviews, launched Chinese Assassin, the sound system. “I decided to move from New York and help him manage and run the sound” recalls Ringo. “Our mixed CD’s got so popular so fast that we started taking bookings to do parties and dances!”

Playing among some of the biggest names in the business, Chinese Assassins have played in countries Jamaica, Bermuda, Belize, Amsterdam, England, Canada, The Virgin Islands, Cayman Island,The Bahamas, Costa Rica and almost all of North America. Some of the sounds that we have performed with include: Black Chiney, Mighty Crown, Bass Odyssey, Katarock, Poison Dart, Renaissance, Code Red, Adonai and Foundation from Groningen, Holland. We also did a show with Byron Lee and the Dragonairs in the Bahamas which i will never forget as it was shortly after Byron Lee passed away. Always humble, Ringo says “I just want to say thanks to everybody who has given me an opportunity to develop my love and skills for playing music. Without music I don’t know what kind of person I would be. I still enjoy making people dance and delivering feel good vibes.My goal is to see talented young artistes get the exposure they truly need through Chinese Assassin. I will continue to play and teach music until the day I die! I am Johnny Ringo aka Chinese Assassin!”


Hello my name is Peter Lee aka Dj P-lee. I'm a Deejay/ Producer/ Re-mixer/Post Production Expert etc. I started dabbling around with music at the age of 10. My dad owned a turn table, 8 track and 2 speakers like most family homes back in the early 80's. I started experimenting and blending different genres together, but my favorite by far was creating remixes with slow jams on reggae beats. I started making slow jam cassettes for the girls from my neighborhood and the response I got was tremendous, and was proud that my mixes were so loved, that they freely gave me their numbers. My home back on the island of Jamaica where I was born and spent my childhood and adolescent years, had became the place for other deejays to come and chill, mix and scratch. Many of the well known deejays today started out right in my home; deejays such as Jazzy T & Dr. Dre & Oxtail from Renaissance, Master Lee from Code Red, Timmy from H.M.V, just to name a few. Other deejays whom I've worked with were Collin Hines, Delano from Renaissance Disco, Dj Don Ho, and the list goes on & on. One of my greatest memory is going to the record store to purchase vinyl, there's no better feeling if you were a deejay. It was like being a kid in a candy store! My house was filled like most deejays back in the day, with crates and crates of 12 inch, LP & 7inch records but by far the one thing I miss the most was going to the studio to cut "Dub Plates." Dub Plates were custom songs done by the artist of their hit songs with your deejay name throughout the track.
There were no mp3, serato, virtual Dj software. Back then, all we had were 2 turntables and a mixer. Back then you had to know how to mix and in most cases scratch to be recognized as a deejay. I practiced almost day and night, sometimes 7 days a week that my neighbor once called the cops for disturbing the peace. I was the type of Deejay who liked to help other deejays, I would often times share my ideas with other deejays not worrying about the possibility of them taking my ideas and not giving me credit for it. Some of my ideas were used by the Grammy winner Supa Dups, Bobby Chin & Willy Chin from Black Chiney on a few remixes, and who just happens to be family. Charly Black who has the hit track Party Animal gave me a jingle which says Chinese Assassin multi talented because of what we brought to the table. Remixing Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Slow Jams, Rock with the Dance Hall. In 2000 I created Chinese Assassin Djs alongside my brother Johnny Ringo. My mixing style had captivated the world and very soon people fell in love with our style, they wanted more & more. Our slogan was and still is "The Difference Is In The Mix."
My secret ingredient, sauce is Reggae Dance Hall. I incorporate that in 95% of the work that I do. You never know what trick or surprise blend I have up my sleeve. I keep my fans on the edge of their seat, whether it's the Granny Skits or Intro, Remixing 80's, 90's with current songs to our smooth blending style. Theres one thing for sure you will be entertained. I put an intense amount of energy into the work that I do which is why people all over the world love our mixtapes.

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    Meet Mike. I am a dj living with M.S. I am known as djSlim The Gen Z Selecta, Reggae King or The Black Assassin. I grew up with the world of Reggae Music. The genre has always captivated me. From soothing Reggae to the Hype of Dancehall. Watching state shows and clashes, going to parties and such, I knew being a DJ was imminent. Fast forward in life i became a DJ. I always wanted to travel and play out but come to find out, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and due to it’s affects on my body I can’t at this moment. There is lots of pain but my story doesn’t end there. Thanks to Chinese Assassin DJs I was given an outlet. One day one friend of mine did introduce me to the Man Behind the Mask. He listened and understood my situation and love for what I wanted, took a chance,and gave me a strength. He brought me on the Sound System! I still don’t play out, which is ok cause I still get to put my style in music out globally. I get to share my love of Reggae music with others. Sweet Reggae music soothes. It is a positive force. Reggae has an unexplainable healing power! Music IS therapy.

    “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” 

    -Bob Marley


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