Chinese Assassin DJs was established back in 2001 when we unleashed our unique style of mixing onto the world. Our love and passion is for Reggae Music and we wanted to showcase our skills by mixing and blending Reggae Music with other genres. In order to do so we had to learn how to remix the Reggae with other forms of music. From there we created our unique style called "The Difference Is In The Mix". Settling was never our blueprint; we always were looking for ways to reinvent the wheel (turntables). We started making Mega mixes, Mashups.

Our unique style of mega mixes started to become very popular worldwide and DJ's all over the world started to copy the style. Our mixtapes became a global phenomenon. Every car, water taxi, flea market had our work on full blast. Fast forward to today Chinese Assassin Djs has been mentoring this next generation of DJs on how to be creative and stand out from the rest. This is not new as I have taught & worked some of the worlds most famous DJ's on the reggae scene today.

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